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Important Notice and Warning:

Protect Your Computer From Virus Attack and Protect Florida Hospital

It is important to keep the computer you use at home or office to access Florida Hospital data protected by an antivirus application. Florida Hospital provides home users with antivirus software. You can find this software, and instructions on installing, at Florida Hospital AntiVirus. You will need to login using your OPID and password.

Do not install this antivirus software on a Florida Hospital computer. Your work computer already has antivirus software. If you suspect that it does not, please call the Support Center at 407-303-8000 and they can confirm whether it does. Installing this version on your Florida Hospital computer will cause a security issue.

Warning: This Is a Restricted Access Site. All patient medical information is confidential and subject to the provisions of State and Federal law. Any copies made from this site, whether hardcopy or electronic, must be handled with the same level of confidentiality as an original medical record, and the use of this information shall be restricted only to the use intended. State and Federal laws prohibit you from making any further disclosure of such information without the specific written consent of the patient or legal representative.

Users agree to comply with Florida Hospital Policies and all applicable laws and regulations governing the use of computer and telecommunication technology. Violations may result in immediate loss of computer access privileges and disciplinary action by Florida Hospital. Suspected criminal violations shall be reported to the appropriate regulatory and/or law enforcement agencies.

Your Florida Hospital OPID and password are confidential. Employees agree to prevent unauthorized access by not disclosing this information. If you suspect that someone may have obtained your password, change it immediately. If you suspect that someone has repeatedly accessed your login, notify the Florida Hospital Support Center at 407.303.8000 immediately. Using someone else's login to access data is a violation of Florida Hospital Policy.

Access to any internal Florida Hospital site requires a web browser capable of initiating 128 bit SSL encrypted sessions and Java Virtual Machine. Access to some of the Florida Hospital internal sites also requires secure authentication using VPN and a password generating token.

For more information about accessing internal Florida Hospital sites, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call the Support Center at 407.303.8000