Download VPN Client

Warning: The link below is for Employees only. The Client provided here is not to be distributed to any Vendor. Please contact Network Services for vendor VPN access.

Windows 8 users:

If using Windows 8, please click here to download the appropriate version for your computer.

You will be required to login with your Florida Hospital OPID and Token Password to download VPN.

In order to install the client you will need to navigate your Browser to You will see the login screen below where you will put in your OPID and token password or SMS Token PIN.

If you get a Protected Mode error and Internet Explorer advises you to add the site to the Trusted list, click on Tools > Internet Options > Security tab. Then click on the Trusted Sites icon and then the Sites button. In the “Add this website to the zone” box type and then click “Add”, “Close”, and “Ok”. You will need to restart your browser and then navigate again to


Once you log into the application, it will begin installing. Your browser may prompt you to install an ActiveX control, if so install it. If you don’t respond in a short period of time to the ActiveX prompt it will switch over to Java. If that happens just choose “Yes” at any prompts.


When the installation is complete you will already be connected to the VPN as confirmed by the screen below. You may close your browser at this point.


When you want to connect from this point forward you will click on Start > Programs > Cisco > Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client >Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

When the client starts, the “Connect to” field should already be filled in but if not, fill it in with and click “Select”


Once you have the username/password prompt you can log in with your OPID and token password or SMS Token PIN.

Note: If using SMS Token, after you type in your Token PIN and click on connect, the System will Prompt you for an answer (as noted by the screen shot below).  This is the password send via text to your mobile device.  Keep in mind that the password must be typed in all Capital letters.



In some cases you might get the message below:

Just click on Yes to continue.



To disconnect, right click on the icon in the system tray and choose “Quit” or “Disconnect”. If you choose “Disconnect” the icon will remain in your system tray and you can restart the client from there.


If you have any questions or need assistance please contact MIS Support Center at 407-303-8000.